7 Slot Machine Cheat Device That Actually Work!

Many gamblers have tried to find ways to beat the odds and win more money from these machines using slot machine cheat device. Some of them have succeeded, while others have failed miserably, because slot machines are one of the most popular and profitable games in casinos and  also one of the most vulnerable to cheating. 

Best 7 Slot Machine Cheat Device

Today, we will explore some of the most common and effective slot machine cheat devices that have been used by cheaters over the years as steps on how to trick a slot machine to win. We will also discuss how they work, how they were discovered, and what are the consequences of using them.

1. Light Wand

A light wand is a device that emits a bright light that can blind the optical sensor of a slot machine. The optical sensor is responsible for counting the coins that are paid out by the machine.

As a slot machine cheat device, The light wand was invented by Tommy Glenn Carmichael, a notorious slot machine cheater who also created other devices such as the monkey paw and the slider. He used the light wand for several years until he was caught and arrested in 1996.

2. Computer Chip

A computer chip is a device that can alter the programming of a slot machine. The programming determines how often the machine pays out and how much it pays out. By changing it, the cheater can increase their chances of winning or even guarantee a jackpot.

The computer chip was used as a slot machine cheat device by a group of Russian hackers who managed to crack the random number generator (RNG) of some slot machines. The RNG is a software that produces random outcomes for each spin. 

3. PRNG Cracker App

A PRNG cracker app is a software that can predict the next outcomes of a slot machine based on its previous outcomes. It works by exploiting a flaw in the pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) of some slot machines. The PRNG is a type of RNG that uses a mathematical formula to generate random numbers. Check out how to find RTP on slots to know more about it.

The PRNG cracker app was developed by Alex, a mathematician and former slot machine programmer from Russia. He discovered the flaw in some Aristocrat slot machines and decided to use it as a slot machine cheat device to his advantage. 

4. Magnet

A magnet is a device that can interfere with the mechanical components of a slot machine. The mechanical components include the reels, the levers, and the coin dispenser. By using a magnet, the cheater can manipulate these parts and influence the outcome of the game.

The magnet was one of the oldest and simplest slot machine cheat devices. It was used by many cheaters in the past, especially when slot machines were more mechanical than electronic.

5. Bill Validator Sticker

A bill validator sticker is a device that can fool the bill validator of a slot machine. The bill validator is a device that scans and verifies the bills that are inserted into the machine. By using a sticker, the cheater can make a fake bill look like a real one and get credits for it.

The bill validator sticker was used by Louis Colavecchio, a master counterfeiter who also made fake coins and tokens for casinos. He used his skills to create realistic stickers that matched the serial numbers and security features of real bills.

6. Counterfeit Coin

A counterfeit coin is a slot machine cheat device that can mimic the shape, weight, and material of a real coin. By using a counterfeit coin, the cheater can trick the coin validator of a slot machine into accepting it as a valid coin and get credits for it. The counterfeit coin was used by many cheaters in the past, especially when coin-operated slot machines were more common than bill-operated ones.

7. Monkey Paw

A monkey paw is a device that can trigger the payout switch of a slot machine. The payout switch is a device that releases coins from the hopper when a winning combination is hit. By using a monkey paw, the cheater can activate the switch manually and get more coins than they deserve.

The monkey paw was another invention of Tommy Glenn Carmichael, who used a coat hanger and a guitar string to make it. He inserted the device into the payout chute and then twisted it to reach the switch. He then pulled it to trigger the payout.

Final Words

Slot machine cheat devices are devices that can help cheaters win more money from slot machines. Besides that, you have to know is it better to play one slot machine or move around. Some of them are physical devices that can manipulate the machines, while others are software or techniques that can exploit the machines.